Eco-Cuisine Chicken Style Mix

Eco-Cuisine® Chicken Style Mix, Vegan

  11.00 lbs
The possibilities are limitless with Eco-Cuisine. All vegan, shelf stable mixes offer faster prep time and easier storage. This vegetarian "chicken style" quick mix has the texture of muscle meat with great chicken flavor. Once made, it is freeze-thaw stable and then has a shelf life of 5-7 days refrigerated in an airtight container.
Ingredients: wheat gluten, soy protein concentrate, maltodextrin, natural flavors, maltodextrin, autolyzed yeast, torula yeast, spices, garlic and onion powder, tumeric, carrageenan, salt, potassium chloride, garlic powder, turmeric, silicon dioxide (no more than 2%)
Chicken Style Quick Mix Part 1

Chicken Style Quick Mix Part 2 


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Case Size: 1-10 lb
Basic Portion Size: 2 oz
Case Yield: 188
Shelf Life: Unopened = 1 year, Opened = 6 months

Certified Kosher

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