Eco-Cuisine® Soy Pudding Mix

  6.00 lbs
Eco-Cuisine Soy Pudding Mix is a vegan/vegetarian alternative, can be served immediately or chilled and heated up at a later time.
Ingredients: Sugar, modified potato starch, organic soy milk, powder, maltodextrin (from corn),  carrageenan (with dextrose), natural flavoring (dextrin, natural flavors, gum arabic, and silicon dioxide), salt, vanilla extract, and turmeric (color). Allergen Information: Contains Soy

Basic Instant Vanilla Soy Pudding
Instant Chocolate Soy Pudding
Rice Pudding
German Chocolate Cake Icing

Case Size: 1/5 lb
Basic Portion Size: ½ cup
Basic Case Yield: 83
Shelf Life: 2 years

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