Med-Diet® TAN (Sugar Free/Cardiac) Institutional Pouch Dietary Kit

  8.00 lbs
Med-Diet Tan Hospital Pouch Dietary Kits are ideal for an individual on a sugar free/sodium free diet. It is fitted with 2 sugar substitutes, 1 perfect seasons, 1 flex straw and 1-2 ply 13"x17" napkin. Each kit is individually wrapped to ensure a safe and accurate traytop setting with color coded diet indicators that improve trayline efficiency and nutritional accuracy for the patient.        

Sugar Substitute - Nutritive Dextrose, 4% calcium saccharin (32 milligrams per packet), less than 2% silicon dioxide (anti caking agent)
Perfect Seasons - Spices, Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Garlic Ancho Pepper, Spice Extractives.

Case Size: 1/250 count

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