Thick & Easy® Food Thickener

Easier, more appealing, and safer for swallowing - Three easy reasons why Hormel Health Labs' Thick & Easy® food thickeners are the products of choice used by thousands of healthcare facilities for their swallowing impaired patients. Our thickeners are so versatile that it is now possible to thicken all types of hot & cold foods, liquids and supplement drinks without affecting the taste. Simply add our specially formulated thickeners to your desired food or liquid, and almost instantly, they become the proper consistency for safe swallowing.

Ingredients: modified food starch (maize), maltodextrin

Gluten Free, Kosher
Serving Size: 4.5g
Shelf Life: 5 years

Kosher Certificate 

Thick & Easy Food Thickener 12 - 8oz

Case Yield: 600

Thick & Easy Food Thickener 4 - 2.5lb

Case Yield: 1130

Thick & Easy Food Thickener 1 - 25lbs

Case Yield: 2520

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